Why to ID…

So many of the Artefacts that are found or has been found are just parts of something much bigger, and so to gain an understanding of what “has been found” it is always relevant to a much bigger picture…
One of the most problematic things, any detectorist, archaeologist, or anyone who digs up an Artefact or have found an item, that they are unsure off, it is how to describe what they have found, this is where many people fail, especially someone new to the hobby of Metal Detecting, and this is where an item, is then either discarded or put into a box of “don’t knows” its these items that need to be addressed as a greater proportion of them are more important then they look, this is where the forums and social media sites help, by simply posting a “photo & help to id please” could bring in the ID you need… why do these items need an ID ?

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