End of an Era…

From an original post, last year as I still find it hard they have gone the way so many have gone in the past…

Tesoro Metal Detectors have finally packed up, there was no notification, and the magazines were slow of the mark with the people in the trade who sold there detectors, not even been told [the Americans who sold the machines and especially those that knew people from the factory’s, were only told of the redundancies, at a later date…] IMG_7646.JPG
so they are gone, if my information is right I believe there last day was Friday Oct. 5th, 2018 – well that’s what every one is saying, but the question still is “why” as there face-ache page is still up as is the websites, there are still warranties to be honoured, etc…
when Tesoro laid everyone off on that Friday it was an “End of an Era”

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