Magnet Fishing & Sad Man Syndrome Strikes Again…

As the title says “Sad Man Syndrome Strikes Again”

Magnet Fishing is a harmless pastime indulged by men, women and children of all ages, or is it ?

Am I been kept in the dark and people are getting rich through this…

Is there another agender happening here that not everyone knows about, only the select few, hmm I wonder, or is it the green eyed monster making an appearance from a wasted source of life and oxygen stealer…

it seems that people do not understand that water is the only thing we humans cannot live without, and yet everyday all around us we pollute the life giving waterways with all sorts of rubbish, and a few are enjoying a new found notoriety with or without you-tube by cleaning out these polluted waterways of iron, and associated rubbish that has become tangled up with the shopping trolleys, computers, etc… these all come out smelling so rotten its any wonder any aquatic life can survive… (before someone tells me that aquatic life cannot smell, it is spoken as metaphorically) Yet typical of life there is always one “berk” that’s got some sprouting to do, this twonk still hates metal detectorists but has now turned his attention to Magnet Fishing, it seems that those trolleys you guys are dragging out of the waterways up and down the country are archaeologic artefacts, and as such need to be reported, or that stolen moped needs to framed and hung in a museum as a warning about losing your property…tch-tch…
Although Magnet Fishing is not just practised around the UK, its practised world wide, with different laws of where you can and cannot do it, but here in the UK to a large extent we have very few laws, it is mainly busy-bodies who never cut the grade as a traffic warden, who wants to stick there nose in, where its not wanted, these are the brave ones, they will show there faces, but there is one person who hides behind a blog & reckons he champions the Archaeology of life, & its the governments who owns Artefacts etc.. this piece of poison is paul barford, I wont even begin to put a link here as he is not worth the effort, lets quote his latest sprout of unintelligent misinformed rhetoric, on another group of people enjoying themselves, whilst helping to clean up there environment… this latest quote is so laughable…
“Obviously this is an even more ‘blind’ manner of removing archaeological evidence from the archaeological record than metal detecting, and nobody has been tempted to even think of creating a Code of Practice for Responsible Magnet Fishing in England and Wales. This rather begs the question whether one type of Collection Driven Exploitation of the Archaeological Record can be done “responsibly” (sic), if another cannot. Perhaps in fact the real answer is that in fact none of it can.”
Before I finish with sad people who does not live in the UK, let me quote what he does do, apart from snipe & moan about people rescuing yet more artefacts from the plough & the chemicals in the ground with a metal detector, and has now turned his attention to some people dredging old iron out of rivers canals etc… I quote his brief résumé …
“British archaeologist living and working in Warsaw, Poland. Since the early 1990s (or even longer) a primary interest has been research on artefact hunting and collecting and the market in portable antiquities in the international context and their effect on the archaeological record.”
In other words another Archaeologist, who is throwing his toys out of his pram, because he cannot get his own way… so my final conclusion is two fold… why does he lives in Poland, is it because that’s the only place that will put up with him, & the UK wants him gone, “now my other theory is” that maybe, just maybe that’s the reason why we have a huge influx of Polish nationals flocking to this country, they all want to get away from him… If that’s the case “welcome”… Anyway back to real life, the world can be a sad place without sad people making it worse… Enjoy Magnet Fishing…

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