T2 – 5″ Coil…

Don’t be deceived by the size of this tiny little monster, my own one from the “T2se” has found a crotel bell at seven/eight inches, hammered coins can still be found at five inches plus, I personally find it strange to use as it looks like around post-it-sticker on the end of your stem, it is light to use with plenty of punch, I have found that the T2 needs to be set to manual ground balance, with slightly higher sensitivity than you would normally use, as much as you can with the T2 remaining stable, and I use it in 2+, or all-metal [by using it in all-metal, I find you have to slow down and concentrate on the screen, for the best target identification…

T2 Coil
the factory coil for the T2 whether its for the classic green or se, it will work..

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