Well, its that time again, i’ve now accumulated too much scrap to be able to make things work, without tripping over bins & buckets, so now is the time to tidy up, “now” is the final cull before the visit to the scrapyard…

Broken or whole buttons, broken buckles, non-descript bits of metal, old bits of crotal bells, wire, iron & a multitude of other bits and pieces, which might have had a place in history, but now all of them has to go, designated to the scrap pile… ready to make way for a new influx of important bits of nothing, IMG_8230 (1).JPG99% of items we find are bits from something, but if the piece we find is from a broken item & has no pattern, or design, or is just a piece of copper or bronze then perhaps you have to resign yourself to the fact, it is scrap… the big question here is should you keep the bits of scrap, put them to one side, just in case, only to accumulate so much of the stuff you are forced to trim back & pay the scrap-man a visit, with some bits still in the contention for should I keep it or not… The answer I have to say “to this” is a firm no, you have to be ruthless to make way for the next lot of unidentifiable & miscellaneous bits of metal, which will clutter up the bat-cave, before spilling out the door and taking up residence under the bench, in part bins, & various other plastic boxes, that seem to congregate together, & before long these various bins & boxes start to accumulate around the seating area, all homeless with no particular place or reason to be there, just a memento of a long forgotten hunt, and maybe these various boxes might even entertain a mate, who popped in for a coffee, and they can delve into, hoping i have missed something, but apart from that, i will resign myself to the fact its time for the scrap-man…

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