China Bridge…

“China Bridge” what a lovely name;

This tiny & insignificant looking bridge dates back to the late 1600’s, & is a packhorse bridge, hence why it is so narrow, and was not made to support the width of carts, the track winds itself round to the right and follows the river upstream to what was a fullering watermill, which also ground corn when needed…


I want to Metal Detect the bridge and surrounding pastures, but there is a problem, “although I have permission” to detect on the land by the land owner, the contract farmer does not want me to detect on the farm “full stop” – so where do I stand ? Well for peace of mind and harmony I do not detect on the pasture, because i have been told “I quote” it will upset the cattle; this is not much of a problem as the cattle gets rotated around the farm, but I still do not detect the pasture, this particular farm is one of the reasons I wanted a T2, to go on the deep rooted pasture, but so far I only detect on the harvested areas and I am not allowed on any cultivated ground if its seeded, which appears to be every time its ploughed, harrowed or chopped up, ive been told its cultivated…
So as for this area, i would like to detect around the pasture & on this bridge, even its a few feet either side, the trouble seems to be blessed dog walkers, leaving there pets little parcels behind, so when the grass dies back and I will have a small go, I must remember to have some disposable gloves with me, as I hate with a passion dogs mess, and IMG_9099inconsiderate owners, it does not matter if its in the middle of nowhere, pick it up,  all a child has to do, is get some in its mouth and it could lead to all sorts of complications… anyway “rant over” – so anyway I went and had a look into the feasibility of doing so, and I will be back later in the winter to give it a try…

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