Coin ID…

Ok, if this works… i will be back, and this will be added to, as this post is really a suck it and see if it works post…

IMG_8027 (2)so let us look at the way we look for answers to our finds, this is a difficult subject because like me, perhaps you have no idea what, that lump of metal your holding is, was or if it was anything at all… but we are not going back to the scrap box, to look for, or trying to id that something, as we have written about that before, we are having a look at coins, 90% of all of the coins we find are useless, the only way we know they are coins is because they are round, so that leaves us with a possible ID on 10% of the coins we find, and how do we do that, well if you’re not in it for the money, this is a fascinating hobby, which can drive you nuts just trying to find a glimmer of a possible ID; so where do we start,  i suppose we could start with social media, that might produce a hint of what you have or even an answer, but failing that…

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