T2 and the little cracker…

IMG_5932With the T2  set on 10 – 85 – 2+, & after wandering around a flooded field, finding the normal rubbish, & i mean the normal rubbish, even finding shotgun pellets on or below the surface, this i suppose proves that the T2 is working well, but trying to find something no bigger than a tiny fragment of a stone within the mud and glop is nigh on impossible, several half signals provided a frustrating search, with more scrap being found at the end of the signal… so where does the little cracker come in, well as the title says “T2 and the little cracker” after being frustrated with not much being found, i then had a copper coin signal at 69 – 75 not a stable number, but one that was a clear two-way signal, when out popped this bar, which i at first thought was a huge brooch pin, but the strange thing was the pin itself had a knope on the end, and not a point, after checking the hole i started to back fill when my eyes caught sight of another large looking brooch pin, which obliviously had came out of the same hole, now i had two of them ?

then i thought for a fleeting second ahhhh calipers or a pair of compass & when they were offered up and put together that seemed to be the answer, but hang on a compass needs something to make a mark ! then it dawned on me, what i had found were nutcrackers, i reckon late Georgian maybe early Victorian, being a small pair of nutcrackers there main purpose would have been used to crack the hard shell of our native nuts, like Hazelnuts, Cobnuts & Filberts, & not for the larger type of nuts like the Walnut, or the nuts we are used to having today that are not indigenous to this country…. Being this small they would easily have fitted into a coat pocket when out walking, i think they might have been hanging on together by a tiny thread, and by my digging actions they broke, so i think the next plough or the one after that, i doubt very much if they would have survived together much longer… so what else came up, three green discs that were once coins, yet another crotel bell [-i love finding these-] a chaffing dish handle, copper, bits of scrap, lead, gun caps etc-etc…

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