New Toy’s…

So what presents did father Christmas bring me for Christmas 2019,   “well” let me begin, if you’re seated carefully the first thing that was received was a tek-point probe, now I’ve tried probes from the nineties, and borrowed a carrot, with little or no success, so why did i think this was a good idea, mmmm so far i cannot tell you, to be honest, well so far it has me beat…

For all the hype, and being a Teknetiks the same brand as my T2, i thought this has to be good, well so far I’m not convinced, the instructions supplied with it is in plain English, & easy to follow as is, all the tutorials on you-tube, just the same, i have rewound these videos time and time again, all it does is confuse me more, until i thought, stop moaning, and stop being inadequate, go out & play, so after packing the tek-point into the backpack,  with the new Tek-point included into the setup, ready to detect, i took it out, & used it once, the EMI on the detector went off the scale, and i had to virtually touch the piece of junk in the ground to get a reaction from the damm thing, so that went back into the holster, and wasn’t used again, for the rest of the hunt…

OK back to the drawing board, re-read the instructions! ok, that done, nothing new in there, now i am getting frustrated, let’s see what i can do in a controlled environment, first of all…

  1. turn it on = done
  2. check its on = done
  3.  push the button, until we hear the off button and continue to hold until you hear a triple beep and realise = done
  4.  now we are in program mode = done
  5.  step through to reach the 16 point adjust for interference… bugger still interfering…
  6. step six… now look what i have found, tomorrow, let me see, this seems clearer…

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