Wow-Windy Weather…

Wow, is it windy out there or what…

Yesterday was just as bad as today, but who cares, still not to sure if im insane or not, ive IMG_9391even resorted to wearing a woolly hat, i must admit i got a tad more wet today, than i did yesterday, but what ever, im now showered, changed into a new set of dry clothes, and im oft out again, sticking to the woods this arvo, should be better than an open field… come back here tonight i will post up the goodies from the last four days, well that’s my new plan, instead of posting every day, which i stopped last year, ive decided every three or four days will be better, unless something exciting comes up…100_0360 (2)

looking at the partial set of glass dentures that were laying on the surface, id say we are lucky today to have the dental care we take for granted, i love the fact that whoever owned these also smoked a pipe, look to the right hand side of the teeth, in the photo and see the crescent shaped wear, which indicates who ever owned these also clamped a pipe firmly between his teeth, and over time wore down the teeth…100_0053 (3) mainly junk, there is another silver in there but it will be impossible to say who’s reign it came from as it is smooth, maybe a William, i have an ever growing amount of scrap & junk adding up again,

plus from today, if i can, i have a new idea, i will be adding an end note, mmm whats that then, well simply put if anything grabs my attention, with a treasure hunting related theme, or anything i think is interesting, that will highlighted in the end note ….

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