Digging Equipment…

blue spadeShown here is a personalised & very blue stainless steel spade, I had this made to my specifications, and being a jammy-bar-steward my daughter purchased this for me as a Christmas gift, I was so lucky & it has worked so well; so well, in fact, I went on to have another two customs spades made, although I did not like the second one, so that was sold on, with the third one being just right, so, back to the first one which is shown here, as you can see it is blue, being the first custom i had built, i wanted it in red, but it ended up blue, oh well…Three foot long in proper money or 900cm long in new money, with a reinforced lower part of the stem where the blade meets the handle, and properly welded, throughout, i’m all for a few gizmos and gadgets, and the idea of two welded staples, to attach a Carabiner Clip which in turn will allow a threaded sling, so as it can be carried on the shoulder leaving the hands free, and walking over rough terrain to get to a site anything to free up your hands seemed a good idea “but” not on the handle where everyone else has there’s, use 5_InPixioi had mine put under the handle and on the blade, both out of the way of your hands… The handle itself is well made, into the classic D shape, which is large enough to accommodate a gloved hand, which other brands seem to miss out…

The front of the blade is bent into a large V for strength, with a rolled top to the blade as a boot protector, strong is the keyword here, it has worked well in the landscaping world, dump spade headdigging, and river foreshores, unless your detecting in the seashores hard pack, i think taking this on the beach would be like taking a sledgehammer to crack a walnut…



spade front

As you can see, the serrated edges, on the blade gives a good clue as to its main purpose, i had this made at the same time as i decided on a new machine for pasture land, heath-land and areas where roots are in profusion, working excellent in these areas and as well on arable…


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