And so The Journey Begins…

As of August 2020, wordpress has changed their format, which was supposed to be seamless, mmm probably not, we are missing photo’s and sections of writings or they are in the wrong place, so please bear with me while i go around and correct things, if you see them please let me know, also i hate this blocks form of writing, nothing is simple…

Meanwhile – Thank you for joining me ! This originally was a shorter version of what was available on sad & grumpy, but through changing circumstances this is now my main blog, so please bear with me…  anyway although, has buggered oft, & is still running & treading water, everything is changing, anyway now you know it has been removed & as you can see, we are concentrating on a new project, with this blog page being our main social media outlet, with a new name and items for sale…

Yawn, well not quite, as i have been busy, all but behind the scenes…

i have been asked several times to post the old ID site back up, although we have a few important “link sites” on here, we have improved the site with some of the older “linked sites” being replaced with more informed and better picture quality sites for easier id… by transferring the “Roman Brooches site” and the Roman Coin site” as well as the Buckle site these are now more readable and contained within their own sites…

So if your curious or need to Identify either any Roman Brooches or Roman Coins then these first two will wet your appetite, or if your trying to track down a buckle then maybe this Buckle site might fit the criteria …




An exert from E.R.I.C. …

Most Roman coins feature religious or military themes. Issues of a civic or purely secular nature are relegated to a secondary role and the few times they appear they are still meant to glorify the pomp and glory of the emperor and, by extension, the Roman people… naturally, this emphasis on consistency carried over into their currency, & policies. For hundreds of years millions of coins were handmade by untold numbers of craftsmen and almost every one is instantly recognisable to the collector or student as Roman….  It is remarkable that in good times and in bad they could be counted on to make one coin look nearly identical to the next, even to the bitter end, when coins were little more than metal scraps with scribbled on designs they retained a “look & feel‟ uniquely Roman, asides from aesthetics the Romans were consistent as to the design & choice as to the appearance of the coins…

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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