T2 & Dennis….


Well what can i say about Dennis, yes it is like a new born baby [- wet & windy -] mostly though Dennis has forced me into metal detecting within a sheltered spot, in the lee of a giant hedgerow, copse’s or woodland with nothing much to show, i would even get bored filming another gun-cap, but the last few days that i managed to venture out into a field or two, the IMG_9850weather has seemed to keep the finds down, well the desirable finds that is, as the junk seems to be leaping out of the ground… i did find a nice piece of what i thought was banded flint, but after consulting mr google, it turns out banded flint is two tone, whereas mine is a single colour, now i have to find out if it has a geological name… this lovely piece was just laying on the surface, & is the sort that would make another nice paperweight, as it is black, heavy and quite attractive as flints go… so it looks like my already cluttered work desk is going to have another random pile of “things to do” just so it can be used as a paperweight…


What else fell to the T2,


End Note

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