T2se & the Nel…

Although this is a stock photo of a NEL Tornado Coil, and mine is grey, i really don’t care, this coil i have been told improves my chances of depth, and everything in between by 35%, whether like Ken i get the girl, that’s something different… lifted from the pages of the Searcher monthly magazine, this is another second-hand coil from Paul Urghaut, from Devon, this is my second one from Paul, as my first coil from Paul was the 5″ coil from his T2se, which he had spare, which i purchased to go with the T2 Classic (the green one) i use these for the days out, , and it seemed as though it was the right time to get a spare, small coil for people to try…nel
For my own T2se i was after the D-Tech Ultimate coil, but i had heard some funny stories about them, so it was then, that i decided to go for a different coil, and although i had not made up my mind as to which one yet, the advert swayed me into purchasing Pauls NEL-Tornado 13 x 12 inch… Why was it being sold, apparently, it was too heavy, as Paul is getting on a bit and required a slimmer and lighter coil, which saw him go out and purchase a slimmer coil from the same stable, namely, the NEL-Hunter for an everyday coil…More update to follow, i think a depth test first then a play out in the Roman fields…

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