Stay Safe…

Stay Safe…

In this troubling times with uncertainty around every bend, there seems to be a new equaliser out there… Lets all try and avoid him… not only for your own sake but your loved ones, and your family… This has no boundary, young or old, rich or poor…

The old and weak are the first to take to there bed, with no prisoners being taken, then the foolhardy and young, who with no wisdom and foresight seem oblivious to the wisdom and warnings of their elders…  as each new day arrives more & more fatality’s seem to make these youngsters even more unaware of their own mortality…

It seems as this goes on. most come to grips with the policy’s put in place to try and keep us safe, with our own common sense being the key  holder of our own fear… the more we hear the more we fear our friend’s and neighbours, for no other reason than the unknown…

So with every new day dawning the new watchword is “Stay Safe”

as no one knows, if it is air borne, on hard or soft surfaces, by touch, or on shopping that is delivered, could it be on fuel pumps, or any everyday object we touch, but as it attacks our airways and destroys our lungs, what can we do, if anything… paranoia, maybe, but who knows… just remember “Stay Safe” 




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