Right or Wrong…

Right or Wrong…

Do we Metal Detect Or Not…

30 / 03/ 2020 – In these strange and troubling times, when we are all supposed to be in lock-down, do we metal detect or not, as all of the paid rally’s  have had to be cancelled, due to mass gatherings, and will these organisers get the 80% i hope so… now do we as an individual have to stop going out to metal detect !!! i am going to draw some flack for lifting my head above the parapet, but this is how i see it…IMG_9099

The N.C.M.D has said no,do not go out, the question here is, since when do they have the power to say no to members, when as long as it is safe to do so, why not metal detect. great go and get some exercise, many people posting on either Twitter or Facebook, have told people not to go out, why ?  if it is safe to go out, why not, surely common sense is the key factor here, we all know the do’s and don’ts… How is it that when your out in the middle of a field, with no one else around, is this not safe ? IMG_9385 (1) I went out this morning on my daughters pushbike, and went detecting for a couple of hours, on the way i said good morning to fellow cyclists and pedestrians, with cars still whizzing past me at double the speed limit, where is the flagrant flouting of the housebound rules… I am not indoors, admittedly but i am out getting exercise, which we are allowed to do… if i have to deal with people like those on overcrowded tube trains,  buses or walking where a position of safe distancing cannot be practised then yes i am adding to the problem, what about if your having to travel to your site, i don’t think that is overly great, but this, is, as an individual human being  where common sense comes in… surely we all know the rules, just try and stick to them as best as possibly…

self appointed and over bearing people who assume they are important add to peoples misery & confusion by quoting the strict government guidelines, and not by accurately looking at the individual case, like everything in life, everyone has different circumstances, ask and give advice by all means but do so, on an individuals circumstances, yes the fields can wait, and the finds will still be there in a few weeks time, but if its safe, then why not go out Metal Detecting…   Stay Safe –   Fred’s End Note


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