I was frozen out there today, mind you that was my fault as i went ill prepared,  light coat and wrong boots, still i went out…


So this has been a five day combination of finds, outings etc… shown below are the notable finds, again nothing to set the world of metal detecting alight but i have found them, also i am clearing out photos that have not been used or i am not sure if they have been used, so there are a few finds iv’e photoed that has been included, but not necessarily from the last five days… the crotel bell will be wrote about later but they are both shown here, one complete and one not so complete, the complete one is sized as No;4, and identified by the Four wrote in a panel by the open mouth…

100_0024 (1)Shown on the left is a modern brass commemorative Horse Brass, depicting the investiture of prince Charles, as the Prince of Wales, so it can be dated to the relatively modern period of  history of 1969, with a new cornet being made for him, as the original was in such a bad condition that it could not be used…

Also shown is a lovely commemorative medallion, many of the finds have not been shown here but i will clean  and photo them, the possibility of it being done sooner rather than later, seems to be fading…IMG_5932


Freds End Note

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