T2 & the Eldorado… Part One;

Who is Who or which one did better…

T2 setting’s 79-4-2+ – whilst the Eldorado was set at just below the recommended Iron setting, and the sensitivity was set at around about the three quarter turn…

I took both detectors with me today but the T2 stayed in the van, as i searched with the Eldorado for the last five hours of the hunt, with some pleasing results, trying to get my head around the idea that the T2  did pick up everything was a hard task as i am used to the Tesoro cleaning up behind other higher priced metal detectors…100_0132

Apart from them being on equal basis did the Eldorado pick anything else up that the T2 left behind, no, i will go behind the Eldorado with the T2  later, as i hunted a piece of field i left behind deliberately for this, the thing i noticed was the Tesoro was a lot less vocal compared to the T2, with less coke showing though…100_3574

The finds of the T2 were good, considering the patch i started the T2 on had been detected before, whilst most finds came up from here the bit i was interested in was an area that had been used to be a hard-standing for bales, potato cloches, chickens and anything not needed or as a temporary base, with the area the size of two acres 100_3564this was going to be  interesting…

Uniting of a Field…

It was in June 2018, that the first foot of the area in question was broken up, first one way then the other by a huge sub-soiler, i’m standing six foot tall and this breaker was a further two or three foot taller than me, once completed the area was then left for six months before being ploughed, then a year later in the December of 2019 the sub-soiler reappeared, ready to have another go, only double the depth of last time, this was broken up again, but this time in totally the opposite direction by going up and down the field, with the crawler really struggling to break up the hardened pan of clay and soil,  lucky for me or any Metal Detectorist, this had never had any of the obligatory concrete, rocks, stones or rubbish dumped onto the area to100_0175 (2) harden the ground, as hard standing bases would normally be subjected too, when a damp area appeared and the vehicles would sink & get stuck…

I have been told this was a pasture field for the farm animals, notability horses, until the second world war, when it was ploughed for home crops  in 1941, for the first time in living memory, with a crop of pea’s taking the honour of being the first crop, whilst at the end of the war, half of the field started to get used for redundant horse pulled machinery, this was put onto one side of the field whilst thrashing was still conducted on the other side… 100_0137 (4)the finds shown here are all from the first section on the reunited field, on this first section of field the area of ground is or it appears to be lot more deeper, than the other side… apart from the lead, i found what appears to be a Devils Toenail, another fossil, an intaglio, two brooches, several small denomination Roman bronzes, crotel bell, lead, iron, scrap, buttons etc-etc… the silver or bronzes, well nothing really has been ID yet…



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