T2 & the Eldorado… part two

The T2 was kept busy today…

75 – 5 – 2+

Back on the Roman field…

100_3582Field nine normally gets searched every couple of years, due to crop rotation, but this year it is being stood idle for six months, leaving me a lot more hours to play, but because of the level of contamination with iron, i usually search this field with the reliable Eldorado with a 13″ SEF coil attached, today i decided to keep searching field nine with the T2 with the standard coil attached, IMG_5930 (2)now with this being the third time on this field with the T2, i had decided that tomorrow, i will come back with  the Tesoro, to double check,  as it seems incredible to me the ability of the T2  to see through and around the iron, picking out the non ferrous signals amongst the chatter of the iron, with even a tiny centre of a gun-cap being detected at a couple of inches… i had used the T2 on this field only a few weeks ago, at the time i was under the impression that was the last time i would be able to metal detect on there for this year, but i had a reprieve, farmer Joe, sent a text saying, potatoes were bagged and fresh duck eggs were in the offering, and we haven’t got field nine planted, its still flat, and nothing has been done yet, if your still interested…100_0138 (4)

Still interested, what sort of question was that to a metal detectorist, upon arrival, & after a quick cup of tea and toast, [- he was one end of the table with me the other so social distancing was observed -] then with potatoes loaded, eggs popped onto the back seat of the van for safety, i walked over to field nine, at first glance number nine looks unimpressive, even today, but casting my mind back number nine looked even more unimpressive when i first gained permission to metal detect on this particular farm, as this was the first field  i was given to metal detect, & what a welcome to a new farm it turned out to be, when i first visited the field it was a mess, piled high with wooden potato boxes, pallets & cases, it seemed that the entire five acres of this field had become a giant dumping ground, as the other end of the field had abandoned vehicles, old farm implements, bricks, roof tiles, porta loo’s etc-etc…IMG_5929 that’s just what i could see, so unpacking and detecting in between cases, and moving plastic sheets that had blown around, i was not sure if Joe had some sort of sick twisted sense of humour… now however, the field is cleared, and only memories clutter the area, as the finds slowly emerge;

Fred’s End Note

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