Eldorado & the T2… Part – Three…


Nearly there, well almost, if you have stuck with me so far on this rambling tale, we are nearly there, i tested the T2 against the Eldorado, and visa-versa, with the conclusion that i could rely on both machines to find the goodies, both had there own differences, the Tesoro was less vocal amongst the iron, with the chatter not really breaking through or masking any positive signals, with the deepest coin at about eight inches, and the broken fibula at about five inches deep, nothing to indicate that i had fallen out of love with the Eldorado, in fact as a back-up or second machine nothing fits an all round bill better, depth wise most Tesoros are not overly deep, but i have seen more 100_0035 (1)costly machine fail at this point, as like all machines it is as good as the operator, i’m not saying i am good, but i do know this machine, when i go out for a hunt at night, which i do regularly, i take this little fellow with 100_3574me, this is one of the last machines to carry the name of Eldorado, although Tesoro made similar machines with the same working configurations with tweaks here and there, but it all came under a different name, and as you can see it is not the long chocolate box class of machine, at the time it was there new smaller box detectors called the micro-max, with the same livery but in a smaller chocolate box, hence why the metal detector got its name all due to the colour…

75 – 12 – 2+

The se fared much better than the Eldorado, but a lot more noisier over the iron, being a newer machine it was a lot deeper, as a coin turned up about eight odd inches with a 100_0019 (2)nice Denaurus poking its head out at around the eleven inch mark and further down the field another brooch came out at about the same depth, this time it was complete but in a very poor condition, as yet unidentified, so if you want to have a go at identifying it pop over to Roman Brooches and click either the Hattatt or    & click the drop-down…

So anyway today i set off going over where i went with the Eldorado, for the first hour then i got bored of trying to find something i had missed, so with a low setting, because of the iron, the T2 started of today with some large iron,  and gun caps, after an hour of dedicated plodding up and down, patience IMG_5931finally paid off after i stopped for a coffee, leaving my detector resting on the spade, walking over thirty or more feet away to the tree where the backpack was, i kept thinking of where the most signals came from last time, turning around to view the field, i bent down to look to my left where a depression ran through the field like a scar, although in appearance it was very wide it also appeared to have been deep at one time, but it seemed now as the depth had been ploughed out or infilled by the actions of a few hundred years of man’s relentless toil of the land, which would also account for the banks sharp profile being lost by the actions of having been 100_0139 (5)ploughed year on year, creating a soft wave across the field, running into the bale yard, before petering out as it entered the hedgerow… After coffee with a cheese and onion sandwich lovingly spread with local butter, & loaded with a lovely home made green tomato chutney, i walked back to the detector to resume the hunt, only to get halfway to the bat when i turned around, i just had to have another sandwich, which ended up with another coffee and a couple of home made rock cakes, i do like to be spoiled, when I’ve done something right… after about an hour, following the scar through the field i turned right at the top with no signals back to the bottom, it was then i decided to go on the left hand side of the scar and walk back, towards the top hedgerow away from the house and main farmyard,  this side of the depression is the holding yard, dumping ground, or whatever it was called, if this side produced nothing i will call it a day, four steps & at last a signal, the first signal turned out to be a lead off cut, still it could have been something different…


100_0023 (2)


Fred’s End Note

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