T2 & the Eldorado… Part Four…

The Eldorado & T2 was kept busy…

70 – 5 – 2+

Maybe the Last Time Back on the Roman field, for the time being…

With the T2 in my hand i wandered up the left hand side of the depression, taking aim at a standing oak, using the tree as my marker & hoping for a change in my luck, after a 100_0019 (2)few steps the first signal was a medium size piece of lead, little bit disappointing but hey-ho it could have been something better, but it proved i was listening to the machine & paying attention, then a couple of paces later another piece of lead, and from then on i was kept busy with lead, bits of silver foil and the constant chatter of iron trying its best to get my  attention, with the mass of other non-ferrous junk all vying for my attention, slowly but with a determined swing i inched my way towards my goal at the far end of the field, 100_3574listening trying not to get beat, but patience was running a little thin, with the thoughts of veering off my dedicated straight line, and having a wander to see if that worked, when, whilst not paying attention,  a half positive signal interrupted my thoughts, without even checking the signal, number or anything, i bent down & dug it out from about eleven inches, there sitting in my hand was Trajan, bloody hell, i could clearly see the bust without a positive confirmation from any writing, a denarius the first piece of whole Roman silver from this site, i was to far away from the backpack to have a 100_3564celebratory sandwich, so checking the hole, and marking it with with a big yellow stick and without filling the hole i carried on, but now with a positive attitude and a different outlook to the area, i slowed down even further, varying my swing speed, trying to find the best speed for the signal to communicate with my ears, after a further four hours i had a further eight bronzes, but alas no further silver Denarius, shown here are the hunts finds as we have covered the field now before the next plough allows to have another go… Sadly the Intaglio was  Georgian and looks like it was from a watch fob, and not roman, but it still shows a portrayed head in a classic pose… The Crotel bell has lost its pea and no longer rings…

Fred’s End Note;


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