WagesBecause of my trip out today resulted in another hammered coin, i got curious about what my hammered coin would actually buy me if it was mine in the fourteen hundreds… so if i had the coin when it was in circulation, what could i have bought with itnot much i fear, looking at my wages…

This is a totally different look at the coinage we find out metal detecting, also note that 90% of the time we find small denomination coins, so they could have been lost during trade ?

Anyway i also found this snippet below, we think we had problems, just think if you were a knight, and your armour went rusty… while i was doing research i stumbled across this… read it twice, and think of that hammered penny 100_0183 (4)you found, open this link to see how much LSD and how long you had to work for that… Bloody Middle class is all i can say…

Note: mail is chainmail; almost all the rest is plate-armour. The armour of the knight in 1374 was probably mail with some plates; All Mail was extremely susceptible to rust, and was cleaned by rolling it in sand and vinegar in a barrel. Pauldrons are shoulder plates; morions are open helms, burgonets and bascinets closed helms, all received the same treatment;

IMG_9360 (1)If you come across something called a target, then that refers to any number different kind of shields…. Armour is quoted as proof it has been tested during the making with blows or shots from the strongest weapons of the time; if a weapon is listed, the armour does not claim to be proof against everything, only that it is proof up to that weapon’s strength (eg pistol proof is not musket proof, but may be sword proof). blackdog (2)All plate armour was lined with cloth, to not only pad the wearer, but also it quietens the armour, & reduce wear between the pieces, dont forget the buckles on the end of the necessary straps, all of this created a significant amount of the expense….



End Note

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