Another Day Another ID…

Another one for the MDP…

I was out Toasting the T2 today…

Warm out today, although not warm enough for the bodywarmer to come off…

Well todays haul was yet another golf ball in the middle of nowhere, a few coppers, and a a couple of coins that need an ID, & an artefact I’ve seen before, but the grey matter wont stretch to telling me or giving me a hint of what it is… meanwhile here’s another Artefact that’s got an ID…

Dagger Guard;

T2 – 85 – 5 – 2+

Well it might not be, but it certainly is small enough for one, although a sold copper-alloy artefact which is quite heavy… Showing in quite good detail, with a pronounced relief what appears to be a Religious theme, in the form of a cherub… Although the Artefact is not cleaned yet, it has had only the soil removed… This was found whilst Metal Detecting near an old Priory… If your wondering why the photos are at a strange angle, well the reason is to try & show off the Cherub, which is quite pronounced but does not photograph very well…

IMG_0062As a side note; could this be a part of a saddle pommel ? or as i initially suspected a pack animal such as a mule [- as shown in the circled blue -] with this fitting over the outer rack or again as it curves it might suggest that it slipped over the wooden pommel, to form part of the saddle decoration… mule (2)







Fred’s End Note…

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