Brooches & Shoe Buckles…

T2 – 85 – 5 – 2+

Despite everything, including the MDP i had a good few hours out in the late sunshine, although it was windy which bought in the cold… a battered thimble, pre-decimals, usual farm stuff, musket balls, lead and the obligatory gun cap, with a battered & untidy two piece brooch, which has seen better days…










Shown above is what appears to be an late Victorian or early Edwardian Brooch…

Shoe Buckle Frame… 1750’s !

This was found a while ago, it is an incomplete copper-alloy Shoe Buckle, dating from early to late 1700’s, although i would say this would be from the 1750’s… This type of Shoe Buckle, seems to be one of the most popular styles lasting nearly one hundred years… Moulding marks flow around the frame creating an upper and lower section to the frame… This style seems to fit into the 1730’s  to 1750’s when the shoe buckles started to increase in size, and yet were still moulded…Shown here is the frame, plus a mechanism inserted from another shoe buckle, this gives us an idea of how it would have looked when it was complete… see page 104 of the Ross Whitehead book of Buckles published by greenlight publishing


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