Silver Earring an ID…

Silver Earring… 


When i found this small earring, I did look for the partner, but to no avail, this is a “clip” on silver earring with a semi-precious stone called Grey Agate, which is very similar to its cousin the grey cloudy quartz… Like all stones used for making jewellery this has a meaning, & Grey Agate empowers the wearer… The difference between precious and semi-precious stones is simply a commercial one, & some agates, gemstones and semi-precious stones are worth more than diamonds… Age wise of this artefact & where this was found with other finds surrounding this i would say late Edwardian, it is well made & an expensive purchase when new, with the claws holding the stone in place like you would find on a ring… with the sprung clip on the reverse, which secures it to the ear being loose, which i reckon made it the earring drop off the wearers ear…

Fred’s End Note…

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