One for the MDP…

An upsetting day for the MDP…

IMG_5915Nothing really showed up for an early morning hunt, by the looks of it i should have stayed in bed, as being up and out by five today on a new field, new farm, not much came out from this new field after two hours, then it dawned on me the field was full of rubbish due to the fact it had new soil or some such stuff,  put on top and then ploughed in, before being rolled flat… why ? … i will have to find out later…

Ahhhhh – now i see, this was the farms gravel pit, which had been filled in, with various bits of rubbish and soil from around the farm, this was then topped off with soil, to act as a growing medium, ah well never mind, there might be something to find, i will just have to keep looking…

How did i achieve a new permission in lockdown, HE-HE… This is going to upset the MDP… The day before yesterday at six thirty, i was taking an ambulation over to one of the fields i have permission on, and met a man whom ive never seen before walking his dog, bearing in mind it was about 6.30 am – ish in the morning, a typical looking country 100_0139 (2)man in dress and the obligatory Labrador Retriever, i held up my hand, turned around and walked back twenty odd paces to where there was a bare patch in the field where the crop had failed, instead of passing by with a courteous thank you, he stopped to talk, after an introduction and a typical curiosity of what i was doing at that time of the morning, with a brief explanation, he then waved his hand over the area & asked had i found anything on these fields, i chuckled and went on to explain i had no permission to detect these fields and i was simply using the public footpath to access my permission at Swallowsfield Farm, hence my metal detector was in the bag, and not out of the bag and IMG_9377 (2)ready to use ! after showing him the metal detector and passing over the handling of the detector to him, followed by a brief demonstration showing him the does and donts, he started sweeping the bare patch, with a gun-cap making an appearance after a minute or two, the sheer delight of a schoolboy with a twinkle in his eyes who wanted to know more he handed me back the detector… Five minutes later it dawned on me i was IMG_0119talking to the man no one had met or knew, before he left he asked why i turned around to walk to the bare patch of ground to allow him to pass, my reply was i simply did not want to trample the crops ! That’s when he said here is my card, with my mobile, go and ask for permission from Mr Richards at the farmhouse tomorrow afternoon after three, and present this card… The rest as they say is history, now i have an extra seven hundred plus acres next to Swallowsfield Farm and more to come… Big Whoop… As you see i follow the true word, of Zaphod, Ford, Slartibartfast and Arthur… 42… must help…


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