Finds Pouch…

Finds Pouch… 

Many people carry their finds in a dedicated finds pouch bought from a shop when they purchased their machine, a bumbag or a host of other means to transport their goodies around in, as these days not many people carry there finds in a coat or trouser pockets anymore, admittedly, unintentionally i admit i have done on an occasion or two when i have left the finds pouch at home then the coat or trousers pocket is a handy place to secure your finds, but when i first started out metal detecting, a dedicated finds pouch was not even thought off, that was to arrive about eighteen years later, IMG_4369 (2)  even before i first started detecting, i was given a gas mask bag from WW2, these were a shoulder bag & an ideal way to carry food and drink around, as you could fit a reasonable size flask and lunch box inside, this was because even from a young age we were expected to be out in the fields with the adults to lend a hand, these ex-military shoulder bags are nearly indestructible, so when i started to metal detect this was my first choice for a finds pouch, and it continued to be with me until about 1991, that was when i popped into a local ex military store where i found an old ammunition pouch, which conveniently had the obligatory hole in the bottom, allowing the dust to disappear, and low and behold right next to it was a good quality and very stiff belt that my new finds pouch would sit quite nicely on...

Fred’s End Note 

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