Well i have taken the word mansplaining slightly out of context, & it is not really meant to be that condescending or patronizing, because it is just supposed to mean that personally, i am spread out all over the place in my man-cave, a chaotic space with a place for everything… (- i think -) 

Phew that’s my woke session over and done with for this blue moon…

IMG_0102 (1)I have noticed that quite a few people out there have more than one hobby, i stick to just one, that’s Treasure Hunting…

Now in my opinion Treasure Hunting has more than enough off shoots to keep me going for ever, but i do have a particular penchant for Metal Detecting, my long suffering family allows me that privilege, although i have questioned there loyalty, especially when they kicked me out of the landing office, & into my new home outside, in particular an old brick shed, as old brick sheds go this was watertight with one tiny window, and needed a few minor bits doing to it to bring it up to scratch, so my new home for everything was going to be renovated before i moved into the new space, apparently this brick shed was far more suited to the dust and the dirt i constantly brought into the house, or so i am told,  the girls set about repairing my new home with the help of my son in-law who refloored the pitted and scarred old concrete floor with a dark grey tile, which has made the task of keeping it clean and tidy very easy indeed, once the floor was completed the rest was up to me, first things first, so part of the renovation work included re-pointing both the outside & internal walls, this was done before the key points, which included installing 3″ polystyrene insulation all around the internal walls and ceiling, this was then boarded over with a few key points installed on the walls  then a worktop was put in with shelves above, and a five-foot-wall-mounted heater was placed near the floor to keep the contents dry, with me moving in about eight years ago…

once you have clicked the link above, come back as there is more to follow on the page, as it will be updated, rather than this post…




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