T2 try’s out some New Fields…

Again on another new field, the T2 performed well with a field flat as a witches appendage, hardly a bump in site, now talking of bumps, our chum whose handle on twitter is SLTSILVER & METAL DETECTING  and goes out swinging with his faithful Smurfette_2017friend in the great outdoors, has a very good lady known simply as smurf, who has lost her bump, which has resulted with old SLT having an extra twinkle in his eye as he is the proud father of his first child… well that’s the lose basic connection between the two, both have hardly a bump in sight… congratulations mum & dad, & welcome to the world little blue one…. x

Anyway back to the plot, this new playground produced a few bits and pieces, photos to follow, plus James had another outing this time on his own, i watched him setup on his own, and off he went, i watched while i had a coffee which lasted about five minutes then went over to my field, with the first signal being a car badge, of our patron saint of travel Saint Christopher,  unfortimly i do not know what was attached to the centre boss, that was shortly followed by a Royal Engineers badge, which seems to have been folded deliberately…Any way more to follow tomorrow…IMG_0130

100_0006 (2)





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