Most adventures schoolboys go and look for fossils, and a lot of adult children like me continue to do so into adulthood, as we collect fossils, it is part of the child in us who wants to go treasure hunting, looking for dinosaurs, exploring the world in real time to discover we are nothing more than microbes and another race of animals who are heading for extinction… the name fossil is Classical Latin “fossilis” which literally means “obtained by digging” IMG_5638and is any preserved remains or impression left behind from a living thing, some fossils are only traces left from our forgotten geological age. There is a fossil record where every known fossil found and identified is kept, from bones, skeletons, imprints, amber etc… this is where the palaeontologists examine the fossilised remains to understand evolution & how certain species have evolved…

I am not too sure if  Pudding-Stone comes under the study of Fossils by a Palaeontologist or a Geologist, i am not that fussed as i love this stuff…
IMG_5631 (2)

Below is a gift from my son, normally these are over polished, but this has been done spot on…IMG_0024 (2)

These two were gifted to me from the Fossil Hunter Bri’s collection… IMG_5606 (2)IMG_5612 (2)


Shown below is some Coprolite or Dino-Poo…

IMG_0027 (2)

Before i End, i would like to say i never expect people to agree with me, whether its my views or actions,  as we are all humans, but i guess certain people hate to face the facts, of themselves being herd followers, and desperately need to belong and succumb very easily to agree with the brainwashing herd mentality… rip polecat, i enjoyed the melee, shame your balls dropped off… but no hard feelings fella…

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