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Dig Organisers…

IMG_9362 (2)All the hard work at finding sites for the masses, which would normally pay off, has gone down the drain, as for quite a few organisers this was there livelihood,   I am not to sure how the likes of Detecting Digs UK are getting on, there are lots of people who run digs out there, who must be finding it really tough, seeing there finance cut off, and all their hard work to find the dig sites ruined… We do not see or here about this, but it must be happening… So spare a thought next time you see one of these groups still posting, as it is a job in itself to keep people occupied, entertained and wanting to visit there site, most i daresay have a hardcore following, but even then the organises, are alone, at keeping people informed, working away in the background… IMG_6235 (1)

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