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T2 & Some Recent Finds

84 – 7 – 2+ 



A small, early 20th century iron bridle bit, and to complete the horse theme, a horses head, not lead, which is strange, and it is painted brown, no idea of its age, i suppose at a push i would say 1930’s ish…





Can you imagine the distress this must have caused, losing your favourite doll, all because you forgot where you left her, this Victorian dolls head, was found lying under an old oak tree, shame the number is not all there otherwise i could have got all the details, but it looks like the child left it lying there and the cloth body rotted away over the years, as did the real human hair, which fitted into the hole in the top of her head… Amazing the things we pick up, just because we are looking for other bits, this has been laying there for maybe a hundred years or more…

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