T2 & Battered Silver…

Silver Day at the Office for the T2…

A bit more coke and minerals in the ground than i would have liked, so the T2 was turned down to 75-10-2+

These were found the other week, and have cleaned up quite nicely, found amongst the typical field junk, which include other interesting bits, such as another horse harness, and a tobacco pot “knob” amongst the bits to come…

Below is a rather battered silver coin of Elizabeth 1st, more playing around with the shield should give me a bit more information on its date…


Silver Edwardian button with a typical c. 1890–1910 Art Nouveau design, the creation of beautiful art work in miniature, with flights of fancy…




Found about thirty feet apart, these two parts show a broken Copper alloy Shoe Buckle, although it looks quite fragile now, it would have been strong enough for the task, as it  has drilled centre holes, which place it around the late 1600’s to early 1700’s, although it is missing a section, this looks to be an equal portioned entwined and interlaced design with equal smooth ridges around the entire buckle…


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