Monday Night… Part Two…

Part Two… the only thing about part two is that it continues !!!

A Treasure Hunter with a Metal Detector & an aspiring Writer…

Remember that deadly silence with the ticking clock…    Well, that was a few weeks ago now, and after an embarrassing meeting with the landowner and the manager after he got back from his holidays, I can now confidently say that all the papers are signed, finger prints, DNA, Covid19 all checked, and away i went, happy as dog with two tales, on the way back i poppedback to the farmer who started this chain of events, who cordially invited me in for a cup of tea, nervously stepping over two growling dogs, i duly sat down at the assigned chair, and we had an amicably conversation over the next three hours, chatting about the farms history, how he was the fifth generation family to farm this site and plenty of easy talking and listening, thrown into the mix…

IMG_0175Remember, that i have been called an inspirational & an aspiring writer or the actual words were  “to greater writings & musings” serious, I was somewhat shocked by the introduction, I am really miffed that no one was recording it… also like I said before “and all of that because of Treasure Hunting” as a brief note, it was this famers wife who dragged me into a conversation with forty odd scary women just before lockdown, that evening went well, but my main problem now lies with the fact she regularly borrows a spare detector and spends a few hours out in the fields even before I get there…

IMG_8012 (2)So let me explain exactly what is in my opinion, that as Treasure Hunters, we do with a metal detector, apart from turning the machine on and moving it side to side, we go and find treasure, what is treasure, well to me, it is anything that is found either in a field, park, or any scrap of land, streams, ponds sea & beaches, anywhere that we can swing  our metal detector on, anything we dig up is a part of our muddy heritage, even finding bottles in an old refuse dump, or an old buckle found in a stream or old pre-decimal coinage dug up on a beach, so that’s the picture painted, with my account written down here, of the sights and sounds of the countryside, as i see it, with something or anything that takes my fancy… as a metal Detectorist i would say I am very much the solitary Detectorist, as i really don’t enjoy the herd mentality, occasionally maybe but not all the time,…IMG_5916 (2)

Whether out Treasure Hunting or using a metal detector to hunt for treasure, i have had some degree of success out in the field, but like so many detectorists out there, nothing to set the world of metal detecting alight, i might have found one gold ring and a gold stater, & a few Silver Romans, but as far as the rest goes, we can put a full stop there…

One last thought, and this one is worth remembering “Everyone classes Treasure as something different, which is great becuase that leaves something for everyone else…100_3537

100_0193 (4)







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