T2 & some photos by Sand-Scratcher Bri…

Battery Box’s…

What happens when you run out of battery power out in the field with no spare battery’s, you have one of two chooses, go home or go to the local shop, both are an absolute nuisance;

IMG_0625An easy way to stop this happening to you, simply carry a spare pack of battery’s in your pocket, pouch or back pack, that’s an ideal scenario, but then the packaging gets tatty and start to fall apart, with the battery’s spilling out, which brings about another question, when you have some doubt about whether the battery’s are good or need disposing off, another handy way to carry spare battery’s out in the field, is a simple idea and small enough to fit into pockets, pouch, backpack etc… As the T2 takes four AA battery’s one of these comes out with me every day, it is a simple plastic box with four ridges internally, holding each battery in place, without rolling around, which stops the battery’s coming into contact with each other and shorting out, and within the box itself is a small piece of card, with two different colours one either side, green on one side whilst the other side is red, perfect for denoting that the battery’s condition, green for good, red for dead or needs recharging…. Freds End Note All photos here and on the main page were taken by Sand-Scratcher Bri, in the depths of Yorkshire…

red for the battery needs replacing…
showing both coloured cards, with two joined together…

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