Aglets on the P.A.S. website

So what is an Aglet ! in the past it was a copper alloy artefact, not dissimilar to a tube, although these shoe lace showing the Aglet on the end to stop any fraying;Aglets are still in use today and employed on modern shoe lace’s amongst other things, todays shoelaces would have a piece of plastic to stop the ends fraying…

Aglets in the past have been used for many things and not least of all Lace (-these would have been known as Lace Tags-) when lace or leather was used to bind or close an 100_0038opening in a piece of clothing to stop the end fraying, an Aglet was employed, a simple method of making the artefacts are shown by clicking the link , this will give a good insight to understanding a bit more about how Aglets were used, and made, although generally it was for the purpose to stop any fraying on the ends of material, as seen by the many  that have been found by metal detectorists, and are displayed on the P.A.S. website, these were made in various materials and shapes…

POST MEDIEVAL & found in Essex c. AD 1600-1700, lace tag, 0.5mm thick, rolled, sheet copper alloy with a 5.6mm diameter-cast terminal. 100_0040There is a partly open seam along the tapering tube, through the oval tube there are two holes, for attaching to the end of the material..

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