Achtung!-Achtung! – Ein Spitfire..

The curse of the skies for Germany…

As Germany tries to stifle the British with their deadly onslaught in the early years of the second world war… An  attempt that in its self was stifled by our Heroic Boys in the Battle of Britain with their most Derring-Do in the iconic Spitfire with its own distinct sound, a sound of Merlin Engines that nearly eighty years later is still heard and most importantly still recognised, as the roar of the merlin engine is heard burbling through the sky, all faces of the free Great British public look to the sky, to catch a glimpse of a man-made icon, as the legend lives on… With legends of the sky comes the heroics of those that actually flew these wonders of the sky…


And another of our lost boys has been located and hopefully will return one day, to be further honored & remembered by a new generation…

Wreckage of a Spitfire belonging to WWII hero pilot discovered washed up on Dutch beach

It is a sad day, when a workman steals of “off” an old man of ninety plus years of old, but when they steal a photo for goodness sake, a photo of such great significance it makes you realize this is a sad world with sad people who are selfish enough to inflict such sorrow…

One of Britain's last surviving Spitfire pilots, Edmund James, 98, said the photo of the aircraft (pictured) was a reminder of friends he lost during the war and was signed by fallen comrades

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