1-A Cold Post

i am closing down my other sites and blogs, some will not be posted others will…

so if they are marked with an * its an old post…


T2-had a Cold Two Hour Outing Today…


Out on a site today that was researched a few years ago, with nothing showing up on maps or local knowledge, but what gave the game away was its mystical numbers, that showed up on a hill map, given the height above sea level, and beside a huge dried up river bed, where even today you can hear the sound of water gushing up from the ground, in several places just over the hedge, we have found over time on this site coins from the iron age through to a bronze two pence… a small problem, with searching this field, and that is  this could have been our last hunt, as we are losing this farmland to a paid organisation… mmm i wonder if anyone can guess what my thoughts are on this…

Today’s hunt, well i know one thing, it was quite cold today, with the wind not only adding to the chill factor, it also played havoc with my breathing, this is quite scary as it is a hangover from the disastrous Christmas i had, when on the 23rd of December i could barely get out of bed, which is where i stayed on Christmas day and the following three days, with a further two and half weeks to get some resemblances of normality returning, but to be honest, i still do not feel 100% nearly three months later, it takes a lot to knock me of off my feet, but this bugger did… 

So today’s finds were a broken fibula, couple of worn roman coins, pre-decimal, with a solitary George making an appearance, plenty of scrap with absolutely tons of iron trying to break through, with the T2 coping admirably with a few large nails near the surface managing to fool the T2, but most of that was my fault for not turning the discrimination up, so all’s forgiven even when a further handful of more large pieces of iron getting through… of course among the scrap & iron i found lead, oh yes hundreds of the blighters made an appearance, well a slight exaggeration about twenty odd bits, but it did seem as though i was constantly digging up lead…

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