Magnet Fishing…

IMG_9787Where do i begin, i suppose we need something to attach the iron too, so i had better get a magnet, as i lost my sea magnet which was purchased in the early nineteen ninety’s, from a treasure hunting shop in North Essex, no idea where the magnet went, typical i suppose, anyway i have now gone & bought some new equipment at the princely sum of £ 29.99p which came with its own length of rope, and what appears to be a secure attachment on one end of the rope where a carabiner or karabiner is attached ready to be clipped onto the magnet’s eye, when the magnet arrived it came in two pieces, the eye and the magnet, so you have to screw the pole with the eye on top into the magnet’s outer holder, now this is something i am pleased that i had to do, as it showed me, that this could be a possible weak point, if you did not keep up with checking the tightness of the eye, you could very easily end up losing the magnet to the watery depths, so out came the good old lock-tight, which can be purchased cheaply enough and would have no adverse affect on what we are doing, i actually purchased my new magnet from a company called online magnets , although they sell them from there website, mine was actually purchased through there ebay shop…

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