Not far away but still on this field, during an earlier expedition in January 2020, i found a pair of  small nutcrackers, on this 20 odd acre field, these are the small pocket sizes ones, and must have been a sad loss, i would like to think they are late Georgian… At the time it was a waterlogged field with standing water & the T2 was wading in water up to its lug nuts… Shown in the background are just some of the woods surrounding this field that contain hazelnuts, with there hard outer shell… If your quick enough, try to pick & eat these hazelnuts when they are green, these are are known as cobnuts & again are very sweet.. Looking again at the trees in these woods, you will also find the Beech tree, these are also growing in abundance, with there sweet tasting nuts which have a soft spiky outer so the nutcrackers are not needed for these nuts, beech-nuts are one of Natures food people have forgotten, with a beautiful sweet natural taste, with the added benefit of having a large amount of nutrients.. .

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