Another One…

This will get the juices flowing of those archaeologists who moan about the metal detectorists, and the sale of items, included among them are the head of some thing or other culture, no idea what the real name is but his twitter handle is something along the lines of Tostig, after the betrayer i suppose, Tostig was killed by Harold at Stamford Bridge in 1066, a strange twitter handle for someone who is supposed to be unbiased…

Anyway he was complaining amongst others, i suppose barford is in there somewhere, they were complaining about another item of historical significance being sold, and not recorded, so much drivel, hence another reason why i came off Twitter… This special coin HAS been recorded, like the other items that are sold, so if they wanted them then they should have purchased it… lets hope it stays in England, and good luck fella’s…

The silver penny (pictured) was issued by Henry of Anjou between 1139 and 1148 during 'the Anarchy' civil war as he tried to gain control of south-west England
It has been given a guide price of between £6,000 to £7,000 by London-based Hansons Auctioneers ahead of its sale on Monday

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  1. I have a good one for you. Mel Fisher, the guy that found the Atocha wreck, was taken to court in Florida and was made to open a museum to display a percentage of the find to the public. The state of Florida mandated that it be run by “Professional Archies”.
    Mel Fisher has since passed away, but the museum is still operated today. I contacted the museum to ask a question about treasure hunting. Before I give you the response, I want everyone to know that Mel Fisher’s find pays for everything still to this day including the paychecks of the museum curators.
    They stated

    “We do not support treasure hunting. Good luck with your project.

    Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

    200 Greene Street

    Key West, FL 33040

    Accredited by the American Alliance of Museums

    This goes above and beyond spitting on someones lifes work and enters into a lack of morals.

    Anyway, I thought you and your readers should know the types of Archaeologists that are out for nothing more than a paycheck and could care less about what you find unless it puts money in their pockets and gives them full credit for everything that is found.

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