Not Another One…

Will this ever end for the poor old archies, this is all legal, yet there is no end insight for them, they just keep bemoaning the fact its not fair, and hasn’t been fair since the seventy’s, well if the item is of national importance, buy the Coins and Artefacts, let the responsible metal detector users find the goodies of national importance, they are the ones getting wet, cold and baked in the sun, for a hand full of nothing, then when someone does find something of national importance then it becomes unfair, where is the logic in that…

Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson

Thinking out of the box how many local museums with links to the Battle of Trafalgar or Lord Nelson himself would like a chance to get their hands on this cannon, i bet there will not be an outcry about this going under the hammer…

Anyway back to the coin Chris Rudd is holding a very important and rare coin up for Auction, found in Berkshire last year by a metal detectorist & depicting Caratacus resisting the Roman invaders in 43AD… i wonder just how far away the great Roman Road called the Fosse Way, is from the spot the coin was found ?

A 2,000-year-old Iron Age coin depicting Britain's first ever freedom fighter is set to become one of the most expensive ever sold (pictured)

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