Scotland the Brave…

Scotland prepares to strike it rich as its first goldmine opens... with £255m of the

Scotland the Brave, or should that be Rich ? As many of you know Scotland has plenty of nuggets out there panning for gold in streams and rivers, these are mainly hobbyists who indulge in this form of Treasure Hunting, with many companies like Garrett selling the equipment needed to go gold panning, but with Scotland now opening several gold mines, will this stop another harmless past-time….

To go looking for gold yourself you would need to get a few bits before you start, Regtons as a metal detector supplier need no introduction, but did you know they also sell this gold panning kit from Garrett for around the £ 30.00p + mark, you have a head start as this is one kit that includes just about everything the beginning prospector will need to get started, featuring a sieve, two flake bottles, dropper & two pans, one is a ten-inch pan to slip into either a backpack or ideal slung outside of the backpack, with a fourteen inch pan again good for hanging outside of the backpack, this larger pan is ideal for panning through larger amounts of material, the complete kit comes in Garrett’s distinctive green colour & is made from thick, durable plastic, which ensures the kit is lightweight yet strong enough to provide the durability when out in the field…

Garrett Gold Panning Kit

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