A Good Read…

We have another good read that has just been released, after the April release of Unearthed’ video story’s, we have the October release of the E’Mag by Graeme Rushton, another glossy E-mag but this time it is a good read with plenty of story’s, about individual finds, people, and advice…

One Last Hole

As a plus side, it said without adverts, yet there are a few within the pages, not so bad i suppose as i for one believe that supporting the detecting community is good, and for the most part it is subliminal, quite a few old subjects have been re-visited, with a modern take on staying safe from insects etc, overall i think this is good and well worth a read…

one confusing aspect of this [- well it was for me -] is there appears to be only one page, that’s the front page, to get into the E’Mag itself click or tap on the front cover, and your in, lets hope this mag keeps going as so many fall to the wayside…

Well done Mr Grahame…
Hello, my name is Graeme Rushton and I am the owner/Founder of
Unearthed UK LTD…. and well worth a read


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