Magnet Fishing and Meteorites

this is an interesting article from “magnetfisherusa” about some of the iron stones we find, although he is talking about magnet fishing, some of the iron rocks that are attracted to a magnet might be, i know most of them are nothing more than coke from either night-soil or traction engines, but what if ?

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  1. interesting, i have wrote a few magazine articles, although they are the hard copy type, but an online magazine now that’s been thought off before, but people never really got back to it and then it normally resorts to just another blog… but… there is a but… stay tuned “i have an idea” ps thank you for your kind words, i will get back to you soon ?


    1. I think you should start a magazine with different sections. One for metal detecting and their finds, one for magnet fishing and their finds, and one section based on a “How to”. I know there are enough people involved in these to make it a well requested read. When people hear their finds are going to be put in a magazine, they usually promote it, so you won’t have to do anything but write the articles. You can even make it an online magazine but I would keep the title or front page the same. What do you think?

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