Treasure Hunt…

Now everyone and his uncle loves a treasure hunt, me included, & i remember reading about this years ago, but i must admit i had long forgotten about it, until just recently when two guys from Canada with metal detectors have now found a couple of gold coins in the area where the alleged treasure is buried, and funny enough everyone’s interest suddenly re-awakens [- mine included -] it is all over the internet and has even made the pages of the daily tabloids, it all began with a gangster named Dutch Schultz, he allegedly buried his ill-gotten gains alongside a tranquil stream in the Catskill mountains in the state of New York near the town of Phoenicia, whether they will find the concealed trove of money, bonds and jewels, is another thing, although i doubt if anything made from paper like the bonds, might not be that good if it has come into contact with moisture… Or were they doing what gangsters do best & were burying a body ?

Suspect Buried Alive: Suspect Thrown Into Grave With ...

Dutch Schultz maps for those still interested

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