i am always saying to learn anything you have to read a book, metal detecting is no different, no matter where, why or when you embark on this wonderful journey, by purchasing a metal detector to search beaches, parks, fields or a combination of every conceivable piece of land you could possibly come across, you will without doubt find something metal…

Detector Finds books 1-7 by Gordon Bailey

Whether you like it or not you are going to find & dig up old & ancient things, most if not all are broken, now how do you get to find out the ID of these bits and pieces… One of the better ways to start to ID these items is through books, many people resort to the wags on facebook, forums or mates, amongst other resources of how to ID an item… but many times self importance get in the way and instead of saying “i don’t know” it is labelled as something its not… most of the books i am talking about here are cost effective, research books which simply ID an item and then it is up to you to find out what the item actually did or fitted, it does not matter whether these books ID a coin or artefact, they will pay for themselves time & time again, buying books simply becomes an addition to treasure hunting, some of my ID books have been used time and time again whilst others sit there patently awaiting their turn, yet i flick through them quite regularly…

OFFER Buy all 3 Benet's Artefacts books for only £65
Britain's First Coins - Chris Rudd

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