Freedom to Metal Detect…

Erosion of our Freedom…

Many Roman Coins that are found in the UK are rescued from conditions that are far from perfect, and they should be removed from the ground as a matter of course, yet from the mid to late seventy’s Archaeologists have been taught of the negative use of Metal Detectors, hence the movement towards banning the use of anything that finds ancient artefacts, I have been saying for years, that we need to be on our guard before their underhand methods are accepted, we fought long and hard in the seventy’s and eighty’s only to get the rug pulled out from under our feet for a non perfect deal, Metal Detecting is being slowly eroded to what we can and cannot keep, with sly and under hand changes to the original 1996 Revised Treasure Act, we are now going to start losing our Roman coins, as from the beginning of December 2020… soon we will be worse than Scotland or Southern Ireland… their is people on Twitter, Facebook etc… who have slated me for stirring up trouble, & not knowing what i am talking about, even now people will make excuses as it is best for the hobby, one of the biggest changes to metal detecting was giving the BM cart blanch on PAS, which has government voices, & since we were sold out by our so called governing body, certain academics & their people who have government ears are now pushing harder to eradicate our freedom to find our lost heritage, and now it is being proven again by the so called established Archaeologists, who are snide and want total control… people who are joining the metal detecting fraternity now, do not understand that it wont be long before, that we have a hobby so restricted it will become impossible to enjoy… wake up people…

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