Latest UFO sightings
the above website reports on the old and new sightings, & might be very interesting to those that wants to read further, about our visitors from a galaxy far far away…

An Update…as from the 30-05-21


The name on every UFO hunters lips, and that piece of film, well it is now on the market…

English UFO hunters are joining in, because the brits are relaunching the UFO Hunters, there are people who do know, and do they survive in a massive machine like the government

when everyone knew the truth was out there, yet our own governments were in denial

have a look at this blog

Daily mail are at it again, with more evidence

Updated12-02-2021— More evidence that we are not alone !

Eerie paintings several hundreds of years old discovered inside a rock shelter in Tanzania
Declassified CIA UFO reports reveal 1952 Project Blue Book meeting

How about this release from a country that was in denial about such things, so the C.I.A. realised enough information to keep us all busy…

As from 11-01-21 American congress has 180 days to divulge what they know about the UFO’s…

UFO’s or Unidentified Flying Objects, these are the words used to describe objects seen in the sky, that cannot be identified or explained, the words UFO is synonymous with aliens… But there will always be people from all walks of life prepared to find the truth, about these Extra-terrestrial beings, or beings from another planet or Galaxy.. Theses are the same guys who got the blame, once upon a time because everyone was saying that crop-circles were created by alien craft landing in our corn fields, or forests… So are the new alien amongst us being the steel monoliths that are popping up all over the world…. Or will we become aliens ourselves

Has the riddle of Britain's true-life X-File finally been solved?

Now me personally; i am interested in U.F.O’s as i believe we cannot be the only living thing in our universe, or other universes come to that… And me, i think if they are amongst us, then what a better place to hide, than the depths of our unexplored oceans, we explore space, yet our oceans remain largely untouched, to me that is strange, but is there a logical reason or how can you explain somethings that more rational men cannot fathom out…

Roswell crash
Roswell 1947, New Mexico... an alien spacecraft crash landed…

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