Back Garden Digs…

During shutdown, lock down or whatever it was called we were getting moaned at for going out detecting, even if we lived on the field ? and then i realised why, everyone who was complaining & the rest who were moaning, must have been sneaking into their back garden and finding all the treasure… How much treasure is still waiting in your 1980’s semi back garden, mmm i wonder… Still one of the best find must have been this helmet, all right not found in England but hey, we all can dream…

Locked-down Britons unearthed a bonanza of back-garden treasures including gold coins

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  1. Well, maybe it was jealousy. But, then again, maybe those folks are just as upset at Anyone who dares go out in public without being suited up with paper mask as some here in the USA. It is crazy times here in some places. Do you think that at some point in the future detectorists will scratch their heads when they find caches of paper masks with those tiny metal nose bands and just wonder, “What the heck were these for”?

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